Paddlin’ on the river

Finally went out on the black river in kayak.The area north of our house, shown above the mini-falls in the photo above, is deep and clear. Going south the water is more shallow, and there are lots of trees down in the river.

I had late afternoon lunch at the spot shown below, which was occupied by a great blue heron until I arrived. The kayak was courtesy of Paddle Shack, which must have the largest selection of rental kayaks and canoes in Muskoka.

Looking downriver from that same spot you can see how many trees are in the water.

This is one of the points where I had to get out and lift the kayak over a log. Try counting the rings on that monster trunk on the right.

Some of the scenery on the Black River is absolutely stunning.

Farming in the 40s

Our neighbor Ray (just across the river) gave us this photo. It shows Ray’s grandfather, William Bone (born 1875) plowing our property with his two horses, Lank Lark and Lassie. The photos is from about 1940. Hard to believe that everything around us was farmland so recently.

William Bone gave his name to Bone Falls.