Has your brain ever interrupted you to complain that you’re cheating on the future by paying attention to the present moment? Not very helpful.

It will be missed, but not by me. Boing Boing is reporting that neighborhood landmark and longtime eyesore Honest Eds is on the chopping block. Ugly, florescent, poorly laid out, and with employees so downtrodden I always assumed they were given weekly floggings, I’ve mostly avoided the place, despite how close it is to where I live and work.

Continues to be a fantastic summer for mushrooms up at the cottage. This guy here is a Hygrocybe, most likely H. persistens.

“[O]nce the eye is properly trained they begin to appear everywhere… and with the realization of this ubiquity comes a second order realization, which is that one’s entire life up to that point has been spent attentionally blind to something this is everywhere and always around us.” Hamilton Morris writing in “Blood Spore,” an article from the July issue of Harper’s Magazine.

Yellow-orange Amanita

Yellow-orange Amanita

Spotted the first Amanitas of the year. These guys usually show up in late October or early November, never seen them so early. Perhaps our long, wet, cool spring this year fooled them into things it’s already Fall. If you’re wondering if this is a version of the iconic Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria var. formosa) I’m not sure. The bulb is more like the one for Amanita flavoconia, and at times I see ones that look like Amanita frostiana.