The path beckons. Leave everything behind, wander out into the trees and make them your home. Never mind the cold or the three feet of snow. The deeper you enter the woods the less you’ll notice, until one day the snow will disappear and the warm green world will embrace you.

“In the sphere of natural phenomena, there is no distinction between the two objectives. Nature obeys laws that operate independently of whether they are understood or not; the only way man can bend nature to his will is by understanding and applying these laws. That is why alchemy has failed and natural science reigns supreme”

There are just three things that Toronto lacks which would make it a truly world-class city. The first couple are relatively easy to fix, the last one is harder but far from impossible.

  1. Stores, restaurants and museums need to stay open later.
  2. Street food is slim pickins, because it’s regulated to death.
  3. Public transportation is slow, expensive, and unreliable. Building more subway lines or overhauling the TTC would be hard, longterm solutions to this third problem. But there is another fix: allow competition. Believe it or not, public transport doesn’t have to be run by the state. Throughout the world there are lots of places with open, competitive, reasonable priced markets for taxis, ride sharing, and small buses.

I think we need a word for that low level of anxiety/stress that comes when you’re placing an order, and maybe there’s some customization you’ve done that makes it different from the most common orders, and you get this feeling that unless you babysit your server, and keep your eye on them, and remind them a couple times that you wanted it without the sauce, you just know they’re going to get it wrong.