The more time I spend staring at screens, the more I begin to view the world around me as one more screen. Even up at my cottage “retreat”, a world in the summer of lush greenery and shimmering water, the view from my window reminds me of a screen.Look at how good the resolution is! This is even better than a retina display.

As the virtual world becomes more compelling and rich, as our screens grow ever larger and higher res, as the virtual world merges with the real world, so too does the real world seem to merge with the virtual.

What I see outside my window, how is that being rendered? How much information is out there, on display? How many pine needles are visible to me on the tree just outside my window. Isn’t it interesting how my bug screen divides my view into tens of thousands of pixels?

What is the end game here? What are the impacts on us of re-interpreting the real world based on our experience with the virtual?

As the complexity of our work lives increases, the marginal return on hours worked grows ever more exponential (and ever more flat at first).

Are we all, in the end, cargo-cultists? Incapable of distinguishing the cause from the consequence, correlations from motivating forces, we mimic the attributes of what we aspire to in a blind way, embracing the dysfunctions and side-effects, ignorant of the progressive ecosystem that gave rise to them.